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If Anna been there, it must be a clean house!

I am originally from England. I have been living in Florida since 1990. I had a 20 year career in banking where I was bonded. I'm married with a son who graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!)

After 20 years in banking I embarked on the journey of becoming a small business owner and cleaning was the best choice for me because I enjoy cleaning. I opened Anna's Clean House in the spring of 2009 with only a few clients and soon, they referred me to their family and friends, and with the addition of my website, business grew and I am proud to say I still have my original clients. Cleaning your home is a personal service and my relationship with my clients is based on trust and my commitment to provide the best cleaning....My clients are more than customers, and building a trusting relationship is what separates me from other services...

So call today for a Meet & Greet to talk about your cleaning wants,  and needs as well as interview me for the privilege of cleaning your home... Join my family of clients today!

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                       Mountains  in Knoxville                                                               At a horse show riding Sport

                                   My Dogs
         I enjoy the outdoors. I grew up in England with horses
         and had horses for many years here as well. Our two
         dogs, Rocky (the big guy top of photo) and Cocoa are
         both rescue dogs. Rocky is a senior and a sweet old
         guy, Cocoa is the young lady who enjoys long walks.

         After living many years in south Florida, Jupiter Farms,
         we sold our home after our son graduated UF (Go Gators)
         and downsized when we moved to central Florida. My
         husband and I love going to Disney so Reunion was a
         great choice for us.....

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                                                     If Anna been there, it must be a clean house...

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