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Are you busy? Not going to be at the clean site... You may now pay on line with your debit or credit cards. We accept Chase Quick Pay, Bank of America Direct Pay and of course, the widely used and trusted PayPal. PayPal is one of the worlds largest and safest online payment centers. 90% of all EBay transactions are completed with PayPal.   This option allows you to pay with most all credit and debit cards on a completely safe and protected
  You need to have an account with Chase to use QuickPay. No account is needed with PayPal.
  You can use most any credit card with Paypal and its one of the securest ways to send money. 


 If you would like to use PayPal, NO sign up or account is needed, just click the below payment box and choose the amount of payment your sending. If your amount isn't shown, contact me and I will quickly add that amount to the drop down box for you... Thank you, Anna. 
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